Release Notes

Version 0.2.0

Changes and Bugfixes

load_years_and_resample: At the end of each year, it is checked, whether the precipitation sum is 0. This can be the case if pixels lie outside of radar ranges but within ID raster like for example the island Sylt in northern Germany. If this holds True, the respective cell is assumed to have an invalid sum and all data for this column are set to NoData in order to avoid subsequent errors such as biased mean calculations.

internal hepler function _process_year: General behaviour of function has been set to “raise” errors instead of “continue” and print in which month an error has occurred. As most errors occurring due to missing files or corrupt file formats are already catched in radproc.raw.radolan_binaries_to_dataframe() and may be difficult or impossible to solve for the user, the errors in _process_year are mostly due to invalid parameter values. As these can be fixed by the user they are raised and the imports are stopped immediately from now on. Consequently, the now unnecessary return variable failed has been removed.

Version 0.1.4

Changes and Bugfixes

raw module

radproc.raw.radolan_binaries_to_dataframe(): The handling of binary files, which could not be read in has been changed. Up to now, the processing of an entire month has been skipped when any file of the respective month could not be imported. From now on, the processing continues, the corrupted files are skipped and the respective intervals are filled with NoData values. Moreover, to inform the user and obtain more information on the errors, a text file containing the names of all skipped files and the corresponding error messages is written.

radproc.raw.create_idraster_and_process_radolan_data(): The creation of a text file containing a list of all skipped months due to processing errors has been removed in accordance with the changes to radproc.raw.radolan_binaries_to_dataframe(). As the latter function is executed once for each month, one textfile is written for every month in which any processing errors occurred.

radproc.raw.process_radolan_data(): see release note for radproc.raw.create_idraster_and_process_radolan_data() above.

arcgis module

radproc.arcgis.export_dfrows_to_gdb(): Fixed a bug that caused naming errors when exporting rows from a temporally highly resolved DataFrame containing duplicate days and hours in its index.

radproc.arcgis.create_idarray(): Fixed a bug causing an error when calling radproc.raw.create_idraster_and_process_radolan_data() with clipFeature=None.

heavyrain module

radproc.heavyrain.find_heavy_rainfalls() and radproc.heavyrain.count_heavy_rainfall_intervals(): Changed minArea and season to optional parameters by defining the default values to minArea=1 and season=’Year’. Moreover, a bug was fixed which caused an error when setting season to a list of integers and the possible parameter value “January/December” for season has been removed.

Version 0.1.3

New Functions

radproc.heavyrain.duration_sum() has been added. The function can calculate duration sums (Dauerstufen, e.g. D=15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes) from precipitation data in 5-minute resolution (e.g. RADKLIM YW). The output is saved in a new HDF5 file with the same monthly structure as the input data. Hence, this new file can be used as input for all other radproc functions accessing HDF5.

Changes and Bugfixes

The syntax and join method of radproc.arcgis.join_df_columns_to_attribute_table() has been revised. The parameter joinField has been renamed to fcJoinField and now only describes the name of the join field contained in the Feature Class. For the DataFrame, the index is now used as join field. Only in case the DataFrame contains a column with exactly the same name as fcJoinField, the join will be based on this column instead of the DataFrame index. Moreover, a bug, due to which columns of data type string could not be joined, was fixed.

radproc.raw.radolan_binaries_to_dataframe(): A bug was fixed, which caused a failure of data import for some months and on some Python environments when setting the DataFrame frequency.

Version 0.1.2

Changes to licensing conditions. License provision for free re-use of modified software versions has been added to all source code files. No changes to the source code itself.

Version 0.1.1

In conjunction with changes in support docs at Climate Data Center, the RADOLAN projection file used for ID raster creation (stored in sampledata module) has been replaced. The new file contains the stereographic RADOLAN projection in meters instead of kilometers. This guarantees compatibility with RADOLAN ASCII files from CDC.

Accordingly, the unit of the output coordinates of radproc.core.coordinates_degree_to_stereographic() has been changed to meter and the cellsize of radproc.arcgis.create_idraster_germany() has been set to 1000 instead of 1.

radproc.raw.unzip_RW_binaries() and radproc.raw.unzip_YW_binaries(): outFolder will now be created if it doesn’t exist, yet.

Version 0.1.0

First radproc release version. only hosts the docs for the latest release version. If you need former versions, please check out the docs on Unfortunately, they don’t contain the docs af the arcgis module due to technical problems with the installation of arcpy at readthedocs.